A Coach or a Mentor?

A coach has some great questions for your answers;

A mentor has some great answers for your questions.

As we learn, discover,  and explore in the beginning stages of youth development, having access to valuable guidance and support is important! Learners turn to individuals, who are invested, knowledgeable, and committed to empowering them to make a positive lasting impact. These individuals can be coaches or mentors, who act in the learners best interest in their development.  One tells you how to accomplish something (mentor), the other holds you accountable and challenges you to physically reach your goals (coaches). Nevertheless, each of these roles has the responsibility to influence the young professionals of tomorrow.

A coach

As a coach you are not limited to coaching aspiring athletes, rather you can be a coach in any profession or field of interest. Coaching aims to achieve goals and improve performance over a short-term period of time. In most cases, a coach provides a structured plan for action. This plan will not only guide a young professional on how to achieve their goals but it will exactly guide them onto the results they wish to gain from this plan. As a coach, you will be the best inspiration for this action plan for success. Young professionals will seek out your instruction for discipline and resilience so that they can achieve success for themselves.

A Mentor

The role of a mentor is designed to help shape a young professional’s beliefs and values in a positive way. This is often a long term relationship from someone who has ‘done it before’. Mentoring encourages an informal way to guide individuals on their personal development journey. They provide consistent support long into adulthood and beginning a professional career. In return, as a mentor, you gain the opportunity to get to know one another by sharing your stories and building a life-long friendship.

This program emphasizes the opportunity for young professionals and their families to partner with our professionals to gain the highest-quality leadership, by providing access to resources and educational tools that empower the next generation of leaders. Whether locally or globally, the relationship amongst young professionals and their mentors or coaches is crucial in identifying values and beliefs they hold about the world around them. With a burning desire to create change for the betterment of their communities, it was important for us to provide these aspiring leaders with the missing link!

Over the course of 8 months to 10 months, our participating young professionals will be partnering with a BGood coach. We are striving to cultivate the potential of everyone to be a coach and positively impact those around them. We want our coaches to each bring their unique capabilities to their role in this organization. Specifically, in being equipped with the skill to create an environment where our young professionals can learn, grow, and enrich their peers as a result.

It will be a never ending cycle that will last a lifetime. But it is imperative for leaders not only, to develop these skills, but receive the necessary guidance, in order to effectively drive positive impacts.