Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be?

All teams members must be 14 years of age or older. Our target team member age is 14-30.

Do you already have to be on a team?

Yes, we work exclusively with teams. Therefore you must be part of or leading a pre-existing team of 10-20 people.

What kind of teams, are able to apply?

Our program is the perfect addition to a high school or college student group, sports team, artist collaborative or even business team.

How many hours a week does the program take?

B The Light takes about 2.5 hours a week for each team member. This includes 1 hour of an online leadership education course, 30 minutes of a video coaching session, and 1 hour of local community service.

Do all teams have to complete bi-weekly team-building sessions lead by a BGood coach?

No. While we highly encourage your team to choose to have our coaches run these bi-weekly team sessions, it is completely optional. Coaching sessions do incur additional program costs.

How are the destinations for each team expedition selected?

Your team choices the country and purpose for travel.  We provide a menu of countries and itineraries to choose from, along with all the travel information, partnerships building, and fundraising support to make it happen.

We currently run expeditions in six countries. Teams chose destinations before the program begins so all participants and families know exactly what country they will travel too and how much it will cost.

How are teams selected?

All teams must apply to join B The Light. Our application process includes,

1) an online application

2) a video interview with each team member

3) a signed commitment letter from each team member

4) a $95 deposit from each team member.

Where does the B The Light program take place?

We are big fans of  "anywhere, anytime learning." That’s why we the leadership education course, video chat sessions and fundraising support are all conducted online.

However, if your team choose to include team building sessions our coaches will come to your team location. Team building sessions are conducted either weekly or bi-weekly.

How long does the program run?

The duration varies by team. The largest factor to the timeline is individual fundraising. We suggest 4-10 months to allow your team to have plenty of time to use their leadership skills to fundraise for travel costs.

What is the cost of B The Light?

There are three costs to the B The Light program;

1) an individual deposit of $95 to enroll

2) individual travel costs, varies by country

3) team building sessions with BGood coach (optional)

*Travel costs include fundraising support, round-trip airfare, hotels/lodging, transportation on expedition, breakfast, and dinner daily, expedition director.