A Coach or a Mentor?

A coach has some great questions for your answers; A mentor has some great answers for your questions. As we learn, discover,  and explore in the beginning stages of youth development, having access to valuable guidance and support is important! Learners turn to individuals, who are invested, knowledgeable, and committed to empowering them to make […]

Youth & Community Engagement Goes Hand-in-Hand

What is community engagement? Simply put, community engagement is an initiative by its members to create a positive social change. It is the partnership between members of the community through their involvement with the planning and decision-making process. They can express their opinions and exchange new information that would be helpful to others. This engagement […]

A Virtual Learning Experience

We know that an amazing adventure awaits you when exploring the unknown. When you know what your purpose is and what you can provide to the world on your journey. Even if you know where you would like to go or even if you have no idea, we can start by helping to navigate the […]

Top 5 Reasons For BGood Worldwide

Since the beginning of humanity exploring the unknown has been one of the storylines we’ve consistently played throughout all of history. To explore the unknown means to uncover truths and undiscovered worlds; embracing the fascinating nooks and crannies of these divine world to feed our indulging minds. It offers inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to continue […]

5 Reasons Why Leaders Travel

Travel Develops Your Courage Traveling takes courage. It is no small feat to pick yourself up, get on a plane and go somewhere new. Most times, it’s also not that simple. It takes a lot of planning, saving and preparing yourself for your adventure abroad. But even during the preparation stage, it takes courage to […]

Effective Means It Works

I often wonder, “why develop leaders?” Who are these so-called leaders and what do they really do anyway? If you were to Google the word leader you’d come back with, “a person who leads or commands a group, organization or country.” Okay Google, I agree leaders are taking on positions to influence others but it’s […]