B the Light

B the Light is a leadership program model for student and young adult groups, ages 12-35.  The model is designed around leadership, service and travel activities and is able to be customized for different types of classes, student groups/clubs, athletic teams, young friends groups or business teams. The program uniquely combines group leadership workshops and an online learning portal, engagement in local community service, and culminates with an 8-14 day group leadership mission. All program timelines are customized and generally take place over 6 to 12 months.

Our primary program objective is to significantly increase students and young adults capacity to effectively lead others, locally and beyond. 

How it Works

It's as easy as 1, 2 3! 

1. Getting Started

  • Group leader/individual schedules a phone or video call with a BGood Coach
  • We'll discuss the program leadership, service, and travel options and details
  • We'll create a customized leadership program based on your group's goals
  • Group leader and participants to complete program paperwork
  • Participants to make program deposit before kick-off event

2. Program Delivery

  • Program Kick-Off event!
  • Group receives interactive leadership workshops
  • Group engages in local service of their choice
  • Participants have 24/7 access to our online learning portal
  • Participants have access to 1-on-1 video coaching sessions
  • Participants receive 360° fundraising support

Leadership Mission

  • Travel, flight, passport, visa, and vaccination prep
  • Customized itinerary and in-country leadership activities
  • Full-time in-country guide, lodging, and transportation
  • One-of-a-kind cultural immersion activities, tours, and meals
  • Post-mission photo book creation and community event
  • Plus even more!

Average Program Timeline = 6-12 months

Leadership Development

First and foremost, B the Light is a leadership development program. Each program is built around interactive leadership workshops where participants will engage in group and individual activities, challenges, lessons and meals. Yes, meals! Based on each groups focus, whether it be a student club, sports team, or young friends board, certain aspects of the lessons and activities will be customized to highlight each groups theme. However, all programs are designed around our B the Light: Leadership Curriculum.

Participants will also be supported by a reboust online Classroom. We've packed our Classrooms with exciting lessons, resources, videos, and playlists that will support each participants leadership growth throughout the program.

Each Classroom also includes access to 1-on-1 video coaching sessions so participants can recieve individualized leadership and fund development support.

That's what we call anywhere, anytime learning! 

Local Community Service

As part of the program, participants commit to take the leadership skills they learn during group workshops and online and apply them directly in their local communities. This is the second aspect of B the Light and is at the heart of our "learning-by-doing" approach to empowering the next generation of local and global leaders. 

Why local service? Simple. Because no matter where and what kind of community one lives, each participants direct involvement can make a positive impact. Simultaneously, as participants serve in their community they learn about local stakeholders, are able to practice the leadership skills they've learned, gain confidence in their ability to communicate with and influence others from different backgrounds, are exposed to new thoughts, concepts, challenges, and so much more!

Groups are able to serve together, or individually ( or both!) and BGood Coaches are able to help connect groups to local organizations within their focus. So whether you're part of a student garderning club, high school tennis team, a young friends board for early childhood education, or even a for-profit business team, we can help your group find a meaningful way to serve.

Group Leadership Missions

The culminating component of each program is a group leadership mission in the US or aboard. This is a crucial part of our Leadership Philosophy, as we believe firsthand exposure to new cultures, customs and concepts is absolutely necessary for building strong leaders and communities, both locally and globally.

All missions are carefully planned with group leaders, BGood Coaches, and our network of NGO partners, and are fully customized around the leadership, service, and cultural activities that highlight each groups focus area. Before the mission, BGood Coaches will help participants prepare travel documents and will teach specific lessons about the country and community where they will be traveling. 

Beyond a customized leadership intinerary, each group will receive a full-time guide, all in-country lodging and transportation, travel insurance, one-of-a-kind meals, and much much more!

Upon returning home, participants will be asked to reflect on the program and mission and then create a digital photo/video journal about the activities they participated in, the lessons they learned, and the challenges they faced and grew from along the way. These digital creations will then be shared with their community, group members, and supporters, in order showcase their leadership growth, as well as, promote lessons around inclusion, diversity, and service to others.

Fundraising for Travel Expenses

Learning to acquire and maximize resources is a critical skill set for any leader. Whether it is attracting attention for an important cause, hands-on volunteer help for a community project, or raising funds for project expenses; it is imperative for leaders to develop these skills in order to effectively drive positive impacts.

Developing these resource acquisition skills is a core part of who we are, why we do what we do, and is what sets us apart from any other leadership development and travel program. Because we know that without learning these skills, which includes fundraising skills, this type of leadership development and travel opportunity would simply be too expensive for many participants.

That's why we believe weekly engagement over 6 to 12 months is so important. It allows the time necessary to support each participants leadership development and fundraising efforts week by week, month after month, dollar by dollar, so any aspiring leader, no matter what their economic background, has access to this type of leadership development experience.
That’s our purpose- to provide access to and deliver the highest-quality leadership development experience to the next generation of local and global leaders; no matter what their economic background.

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