Group Leaders


There are also certain expectations we ask of all group leaders interested in signing up a group of their own. The first and foremost is group leaders themselves must support our overall mission in developing students and young professionals as positive leaders, locally and beyond. That's what we're all about and look to partner with people and organizations who are excited about sharing this type of opportunity. Many group leaders are teachers, sports coaches, student organization leaders, or other community or nonprofit leaders that already have a group of participants but don’t currently have a leadership, service and travel component to their existing class, group, or program.
The second expectation is all group leaders must act as the point of contact and be able to lead on recruiting at least twelve members. This is the biggest "lift" as a group leader and also comes with certain benefits. To support our group leaders, all will also be matched with a specific BGood Coach to work alongside throughout the entire program. Together, group leaders and BGood Coaches will customize your group's program elements during the planning process, will co-deliver the leadership coaching sessions throughout the program, and will co-lead the group's leadership mission abroad. 
Why do we use this model for group leader support? Because we know most group leaders simply don't have the time to organize, fundraise, a run an international group mission alone. That's where BGood Coaches come in; they are trained, experienced and will be there for all our group leaders to make sure they and their participants all have the best experience possible. (Once program details are confirmed, we provide all the marketing materials necessary to promote the program to your group.)
Sound like something you're up for? Do you have a group of participants in mind? If so, or if you have questions, schedule a call with a BGood staff to learn more. Email us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment. 


  1. Must be at least 18 years old. 
  2. Must act as the point of contact for your entire group 
  3. Must be able to lead on recruiting at least 12 members into the program
  4. Must have or be able to receive a valid US Passport
  5. Must have reliable and consistent access to the internet and smart device
  6. Must be able to complete and pass a background check
  7. Must be able to complete and help collect all official program documents from group


As a role model for our young professionals, you will be able to cultivate and help build the leaders of tomorrow. Your role is vital to providing knowledge and guidance that will help our leaders to recognize their core strengths and face challenges locally, and beyond. With your support, they gain the opportunity to be inspired, build trust, build confidence, that will make it easier to target their personal goals through personal development, seek purpose by engaging in their local community and take their vision on a journey through a global community.
You never know the impact you have! Sharing hopes and dreams to a team of young professionals who care, have a vision, seek purpose, but lack sufficient guidance; that is the key to the group leader role. You will be able to coach our participants by:
  1. Providing a listening ear.
  2. Offering advice and perspective.
  3. Asking questions, spark a conversation.
  4. Providing space of consistency and structure.
  5. Providing networking opportunities.