Yes, there also are expectations for parents/guardians of any participants under the age of 18.  Of course, there is official paperwork signing and deposit requirements and those are listed below. However, the most important expectation is the overall support for your child to participate in the full program. That may mean small things like rides to service events, help with a project event, and of course listening to their excitement about the program. It also means big stuff like making sure they have reliable access to the internet and a computer or smart device, as well as, eventually notarizing travel documents allowing your child to travel with the group; which is a huge deal.
Take a look below to see what is expected of parents/guardians. If you’d like to schedule a call to discuss with a BGood staff please email [email protected] to set up an appointment.  


  1. Overall support for our child's participation in the program
  2. Signed Program Commitment, Permission, and Waiver
  3. Permission to Travel with Minor Letter (notarized)
  4. Unaccompanied Minor Authorization Letter (notarized)
  5. Medical Treatment Authorization Letter (notarized)
  6. Reliable access to internet and computer/smart device for participant
  7. Valid US Passport for your child (we can help you apply if needed)


Parent and/or guardian involvement is one of the best ways of ensuring the success of our young people. Your involvement encourages your child to put their best foot forward and dream big!  While we are here to assist in their development, supporting your child along their leadership journey, offers benefits that only a parent and/or guardian may give, such as
  • Confidence in your child's current capabilities.
  • Support and encouragement offline, in your local communities.
  • Can offer additional guidance outside the program experience.
  • Trust in the mission having a positive impact on your child's' personal development.
  • Gain networking opportunities through regular interaction with group leaders and coaches.
Through this program, we encourage family involvement with participants. This involvement is vital for connecting families to community resources for education and maintaining the development of our participants long after they experience our program.